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Lyrics by: SouLyricist
Music by: Yume


The ocean is a hop and a skip away kid
You can take a day trip to the bay quick
feel the heat from the pavement
I pave ways for the sacred
since I was 5, I knew I was made for this.
Careful of the rip tide, ride along the waves
Music on a zip drive on a new stage
decide to flip rhymes at a new pace
cuz when you slow down, time shows grace.
My mind goes ape, so I manifest dreams
when it comes to the swing, I learned from momma what it means
(sample: to be musical or to be artistic)

Meet me on the dockside, dudes looking cockeyed
who’s calling offsides, I’m nitrous to your oxide
when I breeze by, leave you freeze-dried
let my people go, divide the Red Sea
keep your head high.
This is Lower EastSide Love
this is how a beast blows up
this is how the feast grows grub
this is how to meet close-up
Rocking with the band live, put your hands high
take a chance and dance all night..
Flow with the rhythm, form a militia
who was born on the mission to relate and listen
Snakes in the kitchen, that’s no surprise
taking a pinch is just not wise.
baked in the skin there's a lot of hot fries
awake in the den, there’s a lion in disguise
Making a wish on the stars that provide
another way of life dog, yo we gotta just rise-up..